We’ll Design You An Artistic Soapstone Backsplash

Durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain, soapstone is an excellent material to make a backsplash out of. Not only is it crack and dent resistant, if you accidentally get a scratch on it, but soapstone can also be easily buffed out. Because soapstone is a naturally occurring mineral, any scratches on your soapstone backsplash could simply add character.

Soapstone also makes excellent backsplashes. it is extremely durable and that makes it an excellent choice for backsplashes. One thing that people rarely think about with backsplashes is how much punishment they really get. Flying particles from cleaning dishes in the sink or the oils that naturally happen when cleaning off pans and with disposal units can make other surfaces dingy over time. Porous surfaces can even begin to take on a distinct odor about them that is extremely unpleasant. You don’t have to worry about any of that with a soapstone backsplash.

When sourcing your soapstone counter, soapstone sink, or backsplash, you can trust the experts at Soapstone Werks. We are passionate about this naturally occurring material. Not just because it is a beautiful material that only gets better with age, but because it is 100% natural and recyclable. Our staff is well versed about all of the uses of soapstone and are excited to bring your vision to life.

When we plan out your soapstone backsplash we can make it exactly what you want. This is because soapstone is a naturally occurring mineral. It is put together in sections that will be unique to your space. This similar-but-different look also means that it can be placed throughout your home and go together without being “matchy”. This makes it a versatile and modern looking addition. If you are interested in seeing what a soapstone backsplash will look like for you, give us a call today!

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

I worked with both Wendy and Greg during the process of specifying, ordering, and installing my soapstone hearth pad. I was delighted with the quick response, knowledge, and willingness to answer my specific questions. Although Soapstone Werks did not install my hearth pad, they did not abandon me during the preparation and actual installation. They provided a wood pallet to fit perfectly in the bed of my truck and secured the stone to ensure its safe transport over 250 miles. Greg also provided recommendations so that I was able to accomplish a successful and attractive installation on my own. I enjoy everything about this natural material. It nicely compliments a variety of existing stone and wood features in my log home. The color and veining are beautiful. I’ve left the material un-oiled for now to see how it darkens naturally over time. I expect it to subtly radiate heat from my wood stove this coming winter. During installation of masonry above the hearth pad, I covered the soapstone with an old rug to protect it. After removing the rug, I was able to easily vacuum, sweep, and mop the hearth pad. Wendy provided a complete scratch repair kit with my hearth pad. During installation of the actual cast iron wood burning stove and stove pipe, a ladder scratched one edge of the stone. It was so minor that I just used super fine steel wool to buff it smooth to the touch. If necessary, I can use the kit to repair more serious scratches in the future. My grandmother had a soapstone kitchen sink that my mother thoroughly enjoyed using. I’ve been able to incorporate soapstone into my living environment in various functional and decorative forms. I love its durability, soft look, and velvet feel. I would absolutely recommend it to my family and friends. The folks at Soapstone Werks met my high expectations for product quality, cost, and delivery support. The additional benefits were their incredible responsiveness, knowledge, willingness to work directly with the end customer (someone who is not a professional contractor), and ability to enjoy humor in the process. From my initial contact to picking up the completed hearth pad took less than ten days. The folks at Soapstone Werks were fabulous to work with. They quickly responded to my initial specifications with a reasonable fabrication quote. They made it easy. Greg clearly takes pride in his work and made valuable recommendations throughout the process to ensure my satisfaction, and I am more than satisfied. My hearth pad is simply beautiful, and I’m sure it’s added to the value of my home. I’m looking for other ways to incorporate this lovely stone into my daily living and working environment! When I do, I’ll be calling Soapstone Werks for their assistance.


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