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Soapstone Werks is your San Diego Soapstone Counter top provider! We have many years of experience in fabricating and installing soapstone counter tops. Soapstone is a very unique counter top material that you  need to very familiar with in order to fabricate and install it.

What makes soapstone different? For a start, it is a metamorphic rock. Granite and many other counter top materials are igneous rocks. Soapstone does not harbor mold or bacteria because it is non-porous. Soapstone will not stain, so do not worry about being careful with wine or lemon juice. Marble can easily stain which gives it a very rustic feel but this is a common complaint from marble. Soapstone is similar to marble only because they both have a coldness factor that keeps dough, cheese, whatever cold for hours. This factor in soapstone is why we make whiskey stones and cheese plates out of it. With granite and marble do not put anything from the oven directly on the stone! They cannot handle that much heat. Only a few hundred degrees of heat. On the other hand, this is something that makes soapstone unique. Soapstone can handle a few thousand degrees of heat! It is a metamorphic rock and so you will never have to worry about the stone cracking if you put something straight from the oven on it. This is why we are able to use soapstone for fireplaces and barbecues. The durability of soapstone is what helps make soapstone unique from any other natural stone! There are pros and cons to every stone but these are just a few reasons why soapstone is different from the rest.

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We Searched for soapstone and found three companies in our area that would do it. Soapstone Werks had the best reviews and testimonials. Every customer we talked to was clearly happy with their work. Our kitchen is beautiful, and we enjoy it everyday. They were honest and up front with all costs and their stone selection was better then any other yard out there.

David and Marci White

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