New stone shipment!

New Stone types to arrive at Soapstone Werks.  CABO, A beautiful sandy green.  Black Minas Venatta and Quiet Black Minas, Black with white marble veins.  Green Porto, a view of the earth from space.   Caramel Green Minas, ivory and caramel veining show against a green backdrop.  Copper Minas,  rare and unusual copper peppers the forest.  Rain Forest, lush green and fresh.  We have six new looks in Soapstone!! Come and see the beauty!  Pictures will be up shortly in the gallery.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

When the house is finished we will call you and you can come take pictures for your web site. One of my favorite things about soapstone is its beauty, easy clean-up. I would definitely recommend soapstone to my friends. Greg at Soapstone Werks gave us a beautifully crafted counter-top and I would recommend them to our friends.

J. Branson

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