New soapstone has arrived.

Soapstone Werks has new looks in soapstone in the yard.  The Anazazi is a dark black with a white vein.  Also, a hard material.  Verde Minas is in stock again in limited quantities.  This stone is a very hard variety and is a beautiful organic green and white marble vein look.  It is a very soothing stone to look at.  Sao Luis is also a very hard stone with a black background and a sage to caramel mottling throughout slab.  These slabs are very large and can accommodate most any large island. As well, more Black Minas with the white vein and caramel vein has arrived.  A truly traditional soapstone look.  This stone goes well with almost any cabinet finish or decor.  The properties of Soapstone make this stone the perfect functional choice for any kitchen or bath project.  The beauty of Soapstone is beyond compare!  Call today for an appointment.

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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

The office staff and installation were great! Beautiful job. We love the look and that it isn’t granite. So expensive sealer is needed. We have had no problems with our soapstone. We have only oiled a few times because we like the natural look but only clean it with a sponge. That’s all. Every chance I get I recommend soapstone to our friends and recommend Soapstone Werks all the time.

P. Bateman

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