How to bring out the dark patina in your Soapstone

Through out the history of Soapstone’s  use on counters and sinks, it has been known for its beautiful matte black patina.  Yet, when you quarry the Soapstone from the earth, its color ranges from a light to dark grey/blue.  What many do not know, is that Soapstone will naturally turn or patina dark through day to day use over time. An immediate and more uniform matte black or green black look (depending on the look of the stone mined) can be achieved through a simple oiling process right away.  This patina or darkening process is done with basic mineral oil or a mineral oil/bee wax combo drying wax.  Why this type of oil and not others?  The truth is, that any oil can achieve the rich dark color, but you want an oil that is food safe and will not go rancid on your counters as a cooking oil would.  Tongue oil would be unsafe for a food prep area. When your counters or sink have finished being installed, simply start the oiling or waxing process with a clean cotton rag.  Cover entire surface with oil or wax.  You can immediately wipe off oil so that is not sticky but dry, or you can do it at night after you’ve washed your dinner dishes and let sit for the evening and wipe dry in the morning.  Do this process one to two times a week for a month or month and a half.  This gives you your patina.  Touch up whenever you feel it is needed.  Usually once every six months does the trick.  This is a process to bring up the beauty of the stone but is not needed to seal the stone, as the stone is naturally sealed with the natural high density.  What this means is you can choose not to patina at all and let the stone do its magic on its own.  The stone will not absorb moisture of any kind so no need for harsh cleansers.  Hot soapy water and rag or vinegar and water mixture is sufficient to clean the counter.  Even the harshest chemical cleaner will not hurt your stone but may remove the patina you have built up.  It is truly a living top.  A joy to work with because of its unique properties and beautiful to look at.

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The whole experience from start to finish was a lesson in “how to please the customers”. The website was very informative. Being able to select the exact slabs and placement of the chosen pieces was extraordinary, under the experienced hands of the staff. And then to have it all be fitted and installed within a week was just the crowning glory. No, actually, working on and enjoying the soapstone every day in my kitchen is the crowning glory. Working on the beautiful soapstone makes me feel very elegant and cosmopolitan. Thank you for everything.

Telise Rodelv

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