A stone with a 200 year old reputation

There are a lot of people out there who want the perfect real stone. This stone would have the properties of a non-porous and sanitary surface.  It would take very high levels of heat. They want their clean-up to be a cinch and of course chemically inert.  Soapstone really fits this description and has a 200-year reputation to prove it.
   Soapstone customers are unique in that they know what their looking and will not settle for less. Their efforts in research are extensive in finding quality material and quality craftsman to do their restoration and renovation of their home. However, a rare person who walks in not knowing about soapstone often will buy it after seeing it and feeling it. The quality of Soapstone Werks kitchen and bath projects speaks for itself.  Soapstone is unique, our customers are as well.  The quality of our work fits well in this equation! The special honing process Greg uses enhances the materials function.  The beauty of the stone goes without saying.  Soapstone Werks carries a large variety of soapstone, so finding the right look for you is easy.
     This is not for people who buy the mainstream product, Our customers generally understand that natural materials have a wear process to them and that should be enhanced. Soapstone develops a personality, not like where if you scratch granite you feel like you’ve ruined it. This is a wonderful material to be sure.  Come see how Greg works with this stone.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

The office team was always very professional, helpful and prompt. The installation was amazing – Greg is a true craftsman, skilled in bringing out the beauty of the stone. We love the dramatic color and matte finish. We have not had the stone long enough to know about the clean-up. We would recommend soapstone to our friends, it is absolutely beautiful and unique. We would recommend Soapstone Werks to our friends because from the start to finish this was a great process that was fun and even came in under our budget! Wendy and Greg are true experts. They made the process fun, provided excellent suggestions and the end result was truly exquisite. I would highly recommend Soapstone Werks to anyone who wants a unique work of art for their counter tops.

Kim and Bob Coutts

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