The Many Benefits of Soapstone

There are many great benefits to choosing soapstone for your applications.
Here are some of the unique traits of this amazing natural stone:


Soapstone is the only natural non-porous stone available.

No Etching

Soapstone is chemically inert and simply will not etch.

No Stains

Wipe away any drips or spills without fear of staining.

No Bacteria

Because of its porosity, bacteria will not breed or grow.

Heat Resistant

Put hot pots, pans or trays directly on your countertop.

Easily Maintained

No special stone cleaners or chemical sealers are required.


Scratches are easily removed due to varying degrees of hardness.

Ageless Beauty

You'll never go out of style with soapstone as your centrepiece.

Services & Creations We Provide

Soapstone applications from countertops to sinks and fireplaces, experience what true masterful crasftmanship looks and feels like.

Come visit our showroom to fully experience the natural beauty of soapstone and the wide variety of it's applications. Sometimes you just have to see and feel it for yourself!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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    The office staff was fabulous and very professional. The installation was fabulous, on time, great workmanship, and able to handle challenging custom work. Favorite things about soapstone is the look, the finish, and the fact that it doesn’t react with red wine, tomatoes, etc. No problems with the soapstone. Maintenance is easy with the walnut oil canuba wax. Absolutely would recommend soapstone to our friends and Soapstone Werks! We love the look and durability of our new soapstone counters. The installation is perfect. We had a challenge because we have a 1914 original craftsman kitchen, and when Greg and his team replaced the old countertops, there were many custom cuts needed to fit the original cabinets, including curves and a custom backsplash. The job is perfection, the soapstone looks like it could have been original with the house. Soapstone werks also installed matching soapstone to our fireplace hearth. It’s beautiful, a perfect installation, and it looks like it is original to our 1914 home. We looked at four other soapstone companies and decided to go with Soapstone Werks because of their unique selection of soapstone, their professionalism, and their friendly attitude. Many thanks to Greg, Wendy, and their team.
    Lisa & Jeff
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    The office staff was excellent! Very friendly. The installation was perfect! Favorite things about soapstone is the look, the feel, the bacteria resistant and heat resistant quality. No problems with the soapstone. Maintenance with soapstone is very easy. We would recommend soapstone and Soapstone Werks to our friends. We absolutely love our soapstone countertops. The countertops are unique and beautiful. We are 100% satisfied!
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    Office staff was a pleasure to deal with, responsive to questions, and helpful. Installation for countertops was on time and professionally done. Favorite things about soapstone is the look. Problems with the soapstone is it can be rough on glass ware if you aren’t careful, I’m learning. But the maintenance with the soapstone is minimal. We would absolutely recommend soapstone and Soapstone Werks to our friends. Working with Greg and Wendy and all the other people at Soapstone Werks was a pleasant experience, when they said they would be at our house, they were on time and helpful during the entire process. Can’t say enough good.
  • 5
    Office staff was very friendly, helpful, and professional. Greg and sons worked diligently to install the countertop. They did a fabulous job and they look wonderful! Favorite things about the soapstone is the look and soft feel of the stone. I love the non-shiny surface and the beautiful grain. There is no problems I have found with soapstone. Maintenance is very easy. After I applied the wax, just wiping with a damp is all. Absolutely would recommend soapstone to my friends. I would absolutely recommend Soapstone Werks to my friends!! This kitchen counter is our second purchase from Soapstone Werks. We previously had one installed in our bathroom. We were so happy with the bathroom that it was an easy decision to go with soapstone for the kitchen. This is a great company and I highly recommend them.