Stone Variety

Treated Untreated
Moroccan Black
This stone has a very black background with stunning white and caramel vein running throughout.  A beautiful traditional look in soapstone.
 Azure. New!
A beautiful and rare stone with veins of caramel, turquoise and ivory against a black and green backdrop. 

Black Minas Venata

This stone becomes very black with oiling and has heavy to light white veining.





After oiling its a black stone with green undertones and sandy and mint veining pebbled thru-out.





Dramatic stone with a charcoal black background and cloudlike nuances of green and white




Verde Minas

This is a very hard stone. This stone is a true artisan look. It looks like a view of the earth from space. Very organic. *Please note we only have enough of this stone for a small kitchen project.



 Beleza: A very black background with a hint of caramel in vein.