Does Your Kitchen Need a Backsplash?

Kitchen countertops are a large decision to make when either building a new home or renovating. The amount of countertop trends that have come and gone over the years number in the dozens, and each one totes an aggressive justification by its ambassadors. But one aspect of countertop design that tends to monopolize the discussion is the backsplash. Some kitchens have one, others don’t. Should yours?

Prevent Damage to Your Wall

The most obvious reason to include a backsplash is as its name suggests: preventing damage to your wall due to water and debris. Additionally, potential staining can be particularly troublesome, especially if you haven’t coated your walls in a stain-proof sealant. Keeping your countertops and walls moisture free will prevent mold and mildew, which can not only add an unpleasant smell to the surrounding area, but cause harmful bacteria on those surfaces and in the air.

Disguise Imperfections in Your Wall

A backsplash can serve as an attractive focal point, aimed at disguising imperfections. At times, oddly shaped rooms or odd fixtures may otherwise be an eyesore, a backsplash can hide those issues with relative ease.

Feature Your Creative Flare

Then again, sometimes you just want to show off. Backsplashes can be a powerful statement in a room, bringing together both form and function with creative expression. You can complement your countertops with a multitude of possible materials, colors, patterns and arrangements.

Whether you decide to feature a backsplash is up to your personal tastes and preferences. In the end, allowing a professional guide you towards making an informed decision is key. Give us a moment of your time and we’ll help you choose the right kitchen style for you.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

The office team was always very professional, helpful and prompt. The installation was amazing – Greg is a true craftsman, skilled in bringing out the beauty of the stone. We love the dramatic color and matte finish. We have not had the stone long enough to know about the clean-up. We would recommend soapstone to our friends, it is absolutely beautiful and unique. We would recommend Soapstone Werks to our friends because from the start to finish this was a great process that was fun and even came in under our budget! Wendy and Greg are true experts. They made the process fun, provided excellent suggestions and the end result was truly exquisite. I would highly recommend Soapstone Werks to anyone who wants a unique work of art for their counter tops.

Kim and Bob Coutts

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