Benefits of Soapstone

Aside from the ageless natural beauty and tactile quality of the stone, it is very practical. Soapstone is very comfortable in a hard working kitchen since it is non-porous and will not stain. No bacteria will be able to penetrate the stone’s surface. Soapstone has excellent thermal qualities making it virtually heat proof. Setting extremely hot or cold pans on soapstone is never a problem. In the June 2006 issue of Money Magazine seven surfaces were field tested for countertop durability. Soapstone won the challenge. Soapstone is a natural material for sinks. As soapstone sinks age the better they look. Soapstone sinks can be built to most any size and style. Fireplaces and hearths work well in soapstone. A fireplace lined in soapstone is estimated to be many times more efficient. Using soapstone on Fireplace hearths and surround adds an old-world charm to any living area.